Sunday, January 20, 2013

A PowerDNS... WOK?!

From a letter, where you should know that 'Mok' is Dutch for 'Mug':
Dear PomerDNS management,
Recently me ordered, via a mebform or your mebsite, a so called PomerDNS Mok. but something ment terribly mrong since me received a PomerDNS Wok! Therefor me send this back to you in hope it can be changed for the proper article!
Mith friendly greetings,
A PomerDNS user
In the box, I found this... Wok:

Amazing proof that humor is not dead ;-)

Thanks to +Reinoud van Leeuwen for this wonderful letter, and I can assure you the wok is quite genuine - it will find a proud place in the office!