Sunday, November 8, 2009 PowerDNS Development & Community Server @ xs4all!

Hi everybody,

Over the past few months, the PowerDNS Wiki and Subversion servers had a hard time and were no longer able to keep up with the growing amounts of traffic. Since these servers also routed my personal email, I had little choice but move the flood of spam to gmail. But no more!

We acquired a lovely Dell PowerEdge R200, and found pioneering PowerDNS user XS4ALL willing to host it! This explains the xs4all logos on and ;-)

XS4ALL is what I'd like to call an 'old school internet service provider' - which is quite literally true since they were (almost) the first here in The Netherlands. Racking up went without a hitch. For some reason, whenever I have to rack up a server, it turns out the wrong rails have been agreed upon, or the power is wrong or too much, or the IP addresses have not been arranged.

But this time round, we were done in 5 minutes. When I discovered a few days later that no IPv6 was provisioned, this was fixed within an hour. On Sunday.

XS4ALL also was the 'launching customer' of the PowerDNS Recursor, funding the development process and field testing it.

So many thanks to them for hosting!

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